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Robert Buckland



Constituency: South Swindon


Public Popularity

Source: https://yougov.co.uk/

In-party Net Satisfaction

Source: ConservativeHome survey of party members, January 2021


  • Educated in Llanelli, Wales
  • Hatfield College, Durham
  • Inns of Court School of Law

Political Positions: 

  • 1999, he campaigned against creating a Welsh Assembly, but has since softened his stance on devolution. 
  • “I’ve always been a One-Nation Conservative, Moderate Conservative”

Current projects:

  • Pre-recorded evidence rolled out for rape victims across Wales

Past projects:

  • Previously Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice – New prisons will be equally effective in cutting both carbon emissions and crime
Robert Buckland has hardly ever rebelled against their party in the current parlament
19 May 2021
On 19 May 2021:
Robert Buckland voted yes on Queen's Speech (Motion for an Address)