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Daily Briefing

In the past 24 hours India reported 314,853 cases, simultaneously deaths rose by 2,104. Delhi is suffering a deep oxygen shortage and has had to organise air lifts into the city. The exponential growth is likely due to a new variant that originated in Kent, United Kingdom.

Extinction rebellion was yet again filmed smashing banks windows in a protest of their funding of un-environmentally friendly companies. This is not the only instance of vandalism-based protesting that Extinction Rebellion has engaged in.  

Johnny Mercer, former Veterans Minister, has accused the Government of being a ‘cesspit’ full of liars and that the Johnson cabinet is the ‘most distrustful, awful, environment’ he has ever worked in.  

Environmentalists have warned that carbon emissions are going to surge as the world rebounds from pandemic. Environmentalists had hoped that pandemic-related declines in emissions-fuelling activity might signal a shift in consumption.

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