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Trump’s controversial policies are the blueprint for Biden’s democratic acclaim


Hours into his term as 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden is implementing and reversing policies instated by his predecessor, Donald Trump. So far, he has ended Trump’s highly criticised ban on visitors to the US from several majority Muslim countries. Additionally, he has halted production on Trump’s border wall to Mexico. Among his 17 orders and actions, many of them are directly reciprocal to policies that Trump passed during his time in office. For example, his choice to restore protections to nature reserves whose protections were previously revived by President Trump. According to Biden, he plans to “take action – not just to reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration – but also to start moving our country forward,”, and this attitude is clearly evident in his policies. While many of his policy changes are rectifying unpopular policies made by former president Trump, Biden also has policies which, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, specifically he has set a mask mandate on federal properties, as well as seeking a freeze on evictions for the millions of Americans behind in their mortgages due to the pandemic. Among his future plans is a bill that would ease immigration policies, and allow undocumented immigrants currently living in America an easier way to become US citizens. It is clear that Joe Biden is eager to wipe away any trace of the Trump administration and venerate himself as the anti-Trump, diametrically opposed to the 45th President. The Democratic Party has recently been criticised for their tendency to present themselves as the preferable option in comparison to Donald Trump, and looking back at the failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign it is easy to see how quickly this strategy can go wrong. But without the political presence of Donald Trump for the democrats to frame themselves against, one wonders what they will define their party by now. Joe Biden’s newest policies indicate a lack of original thought, serving as merely a reaction to his predecessor’s most unpopular decisions. It will be interesting to see what policies he will be able to come up with when he no longer has any of Trump’s to act against.

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