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The Grand Parade


Donald Trump was carried away to Florida from Joint Base Andrews, as Sinatra’s “My Way” played across the airbase, marking his final journey with the presidential security force. Donald Trump did not appear at the inauguration and instead vowed that he “would be back” in his white house farewell speech. During his speech, Melania was seen to be wearing a full black outfit, akin to something one would wear at a funeral, only to change while en route to Florida into a far more relaxed and colourful Gucci dress, perhaps symbolic of her mourning her husband’s loss yet embracing his civilian future. The women who were present at Joe Biden’s inauguration were similarly symbolic in their fashion choices, with Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and Kamala Harris’ outfits all being monochromatic, with matching masks. While there is no evidence that this was a deliberate choice, it still presented the former First Lady, current First Lady, and first female Vice President as a unified force. Kamala was seen to have a special security escort on her Inauguration Day, hero policeman Eugene Goodman, who bravely defended the US Capitol building after it was breached by domestic terrorists earlier this month. Amanda Gorman served as the poet laureate and delivered a moving poem that has received widespread praise for its uplifting message. Kamala Harris was sworn into office as Vice President before Joe Biden, making her the first black, and the first female Vice President of the United States. Then, as Joe Biden was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts, he declared that “democracy had prevailed”, and vowed to stand for “all Americans”, in a show of unity which directly included both Democrats and Republicans alike, thus concluding one of the most dramatic political transitions of presidential power in US history.

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