Review: I am Roe

Freedom of Choice in the US affiliates with Roe v Wade (1973), the Supreme Court case that not only landmarked a leap forward in women’s rights but also advanced the freedom to access legal, safe, and constitutional abortions. Fast forward to today, while the legacy of the case was upheld for over 40 years, we see a decline in confidence and importance of this monumental case. Ending Roe v Wade is part of a long campaign to roll back democracy in itself. Once labelled as judicial activism, it is now claimed to be unconstitutional. American democracy is at a breaking point, the Supreme Court ready to overturn Roe v Wade, with 8 states enforcing pre-Roe abortion bans. A radical minority is accumulating even more power, threatening to undermine equal rights under the law and basic human freedom. “I Am Roe” is a powerful reminder of what a woman has endured to get us here.  Jane Roe and Norma McCorvey are the same person. The unbridgeable gulf between myth and reality is another paradox of a political system, marked by a protected institutional lie. Many details of Norma’s  story only unfolded 10 years ago, after McCorvey went public as Jane Roe. … Continue reading Review: I am Roe