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OPINION: Israel-Palestine conflict: It’s Time to Hear it from Both Sides


In light of recent events, there has been an avalanche of social media posts about the Israeli-Palestine conflicts and the latest development. Here at the London Centrist, we felt isolated and unable to appropriately capture the magnitude and complexity of this conflict, so we reached out to people who knew more. Our first contact has requested to remain anonymous; he is an LSE student who has lived in Israel and spent a large portion of his life there. Our second contact was Youssef Fahmy, a Palestinian who now lives in Cairo Egypt. Both articles are powerful and emotional, they encapsulate the fear and anger felt on both sides and represent the severe disparity and distrust that stands in the way of peace. The current balance in the Middle East is a humanitarian crisis, whilst we understand people are keen to take a side it is important to educate and inform oneself before making such a decision so as to not sew deeper divides between an already haemorrhaged relationship. Social media is a powerful tool, but can also unwittingly fuel the flames of conflict, therefore we ask readers to read both of these articles and hundreds more, learn the facts, understand the conflict and its complexity before reposting out of context videos. 

Both writers have waved their writers fee and requested the money is sent to charities involved in the crisis.

An Israeli Perspective

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the world led by celebrities and big names, are tripping over each other to condemn Israel. It began with Sheikh Jrahh, and the focus has now shifted to the supposed mistreatment of Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 

But first Sheikh Jarrah. A quick history lesson without the narratives of celebrities getting in the way. The site has been a site of Jewish pilgrimage for centuries, with it being the burial site for the high priest Shimon Hatzadik. In 1875, the Jewish community purchased the tomb and the surrounding land establishing the community of Nachalat Shimon. They faced continuous violent attacks from their Arab neighbours which they managed to survive until 1948 when they were ethnically cleansed. Following that, Jordan conquered the region and enacted a law banning Jews from returning. They built a new neighbourhood on this land, transforming a once Jewish neighbourhood into an Arab one. After Jordan lost the Six-Day War in 1967 and Jerusalem become reunified, the Jewish community instigated legal proceedings to reclaim the land from the 7 families illegally given the land from the Jordanians. The ruling went in favour of the Jewish community. However, in an act of peace and good faith, the Arabs were allowed to keep their homes and only asked to pay rent. This, they refused. Now, after 50 years of not paying rent for land they do not own they are being evicted. An outcome which would be much the same if you didn’t pay rent in London, New York or anywhere else in the world. 

After being blown out of proportion, as usual, Hamas (the ‘political’ leaders of Gaza), sought the perfect time to instigate riots against Israel in an attempt to shadow their acts of terrorism with the ‘mistreatment’ of families in Sheikh Jarrah. In the past few days, thousands of rockets have been aimed at populated civilian areas in Israel with the hope of spilling as much Jewish blood as possible. Rockets are sent in barrages of hundreds at a time and luckily the Israeli defence forces are able to intercept 90% of these, still leaving many hitting populated areas and causing civilian casualties. Only in retaliation to these rockets do Israel locate and target the Hamas military leaders behind these attacks. Unfortunately, these cowards hide behind human shields and they fire rockets from schools and hospitals so in the event that Israel reacted with extreme force, the rest of the world would see civilian casualties on the ‘Israelis’ hands’. If Wales began firing rockets onto the streets of central London keeping everyone underground in bunkers, there would be unquestioned protests to neutralise the enemy responsible. Yet, the world harasses the Israeli government for locating and killing those responsible because Hamas leaders are hiding in hospitals and schools and actively putting civilians in the firing lines. Furthermore, announcements are made by the IDF (Israel defence force) before sending in missiles to destroy weapons and terrorists to warn Palestinian civilians to vacate the area and protect their lives. 

Hamas have been the biggest problem for the Palestinians since their takeover in 1987. Hassan Yousef, an ex-member of Hamas in Ramallah who departed from the principles of the group said “The Palestinian people did not elect Hamas and did not appoint them to represent them, your accountability is not to your own people and this is evidenced by your total violation of their human rights”. More importantly, he highlights “Hamas kidnap Palestinian students from campus and torture them in jails, they torture your political rivals, the suffering of the Palestinian people is an outcome of their selfish political interests”. There has not been a Palestinian election in over 16 years as another was recently abandoned. Unsurprisingly, this was blamed on the Israelis when in truth it is Hamas who are manipulating their own people and the rest of the world. Ironically, straight after the election, Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Hamas called for acts of violence to turn the attention away from his political corruptness. This led to the fighting on Temple Mount and utilising the Al Aqsa Mosque as a staging base to perform acts of unprovoked terrorism. What better way has worked for Hamas to remain in power over the last 16 years than sharing a hate for the Jewish people? If you believe this is not to do with Jews and instead about the Israeli government, Hamas have clearly written in their charter that they will not settle until there are no Jews left on the face of this planet. This ideology is backed and funded by Iran who openly hold the same view. Ultimately, the backing of a Hamas-led Gaza is a backing of the ethnic cleansing of Jews. 

These acts of violence from both sides will only cease once rockets are no longer fired from Gaza and justice is served to those who instigated the violence. Don’t let the number of deaths on each side paint a false perception; if it were not for the iron dome defence system, hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians would have been murdered. Until then, it is in neither sides interest for a ceasefire and more civilian casualties will, unfortunately, occur on to both Israelis and Palestinians. There needs to be recognition and accountability for Hamas’s terrorist acts and corruption of their own people. Be wary of closing your mind and your eyes to the responsibility of Palestine and the quickness of those to condemn Israel. 


A Palestinian Perspective

A thousand words would never come close to telling a story that is older than you and me. These words do not even come close to explaining the atrocities taking place in one of the most sacred lands in the world, yet we must break the deafening silence. 

The Palestinian-Israeli issue is not a conflict or a clash between rivals. While resilient and standing firm, Palestinians have no armies, police, control, or a sense of peace. The most frequent question seems to be, “Who started it then?”. While numerous people seize the chance to point at Palestinians, you soon realize that they were not the ones igniting the fire. The Israeli Supreme Court ruled for the forced displacement of 4 Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, a domain where they have no control over following the Oslo accords. These evictions have been periodically going on since the year 2002. Yet, Israel struck this time in the holy month of Ramadan, simply adding fuel to the fire. 

The Israeli government is the current world record holder of the number of broken UN resolutions (65). Israel blatantly disregards international law and violates basic human rights of the Palestinians under its occupation. We have seen UK and US governments previously supporting Israel after the International Criminal Court launched a probe into Israeli actions. However, this sense of urgency is non-existent with the current death tolls in Gaza and the West Bank; they have become mere numbers on a list. 

Googling the word “Palestine” will prompt you with numerous headlines addressing attacks on Israel, with terms like clash and conflict thrown in for vague connotations. The media fails us once again, masking why these attacks are occurring in the first place. Only in the past month, we have heard about a new attack almost daily, with 119 Palestinians losing their lives, including 31 innocent children and over 830 victims injured, as opposed to only 7 Israelis deaths. At the beginning of the missile attacks, Palestinians have not yet attacked Israel. However, after such a horrendous act committed against their purest souls, they defended themselves from their oppressors. At that point, the media coverage commenced with news about Palestinians being terrorists and sabotaging the peace. Simply phrased, this is the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 

Israeli warplanes struck residential buildings in Gaza, leaving many families homeless and mourning the deaths of their loved ones. The Palestinian retaliation of firing of rockets at Tel Aviv has been intercepted with the Iron Dome anti-missile system, while Israelis hid in shelters. Israel is also deliberately using white phosphorus shells, violating the laws of war, causing men, women and children’s flesh and bone to melt down. How is this labelled as a conflict when Israel clearly outpowers Palestine? 

To truly comprehend the struggle triggered in 1948, it is vital to understand that this is not a matter of religion, as all have an extensive history in Palestine. To say that ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is an attack on any religion creates a misrepresentation of the reality of the apartheid. When Zionists first entered the land, they believed was theirs to take, they forced over 80% of Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Jews to permanently leave their land. For decades, countless courageous Palestinians have continued to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Yet, Israel continues to illegally confiscate Palestinian land defying International and Human Rights Law, disregarding any condemnations. 

Israeli soldiers are known to enter Palestinian homes in the middle of the night and claim it was now theirs to take. These acts of terrorization drove many Palestinians to seek refuge. Recently, Christian Palestinians have been threatened while celebrating Easter. Then, Muslim Palestinians have been attacked with stunt grenades and skunk water, while praying in the most sacred site, Al-Aqsa Mosque. Israeli occupiers have been filmed chanting “death to Arabs” and dancing while watching the mosque burn. Evidently, Israel’s primary goal is to discard all Palestinians and take their land, regardless of the religion they are practicing. Highlighting that in fact this is not a matter of religion, many Jews and Rabbis marched in protests in solidarity with Palestine. 

Unfortunately, minimal international coverage has surfaced about the ongoing horror. The ones that do are continuously taken down throughout all social media platforms. While Palestinians’ fundamental human rights are eliminated, the whole world turns a blind eye. 

In the cases of oppression worldwide, resistance is labelled as ‘resistance’ or ‘rebels’. However, the media has been smearing the word terrorism with the blood of innocent Palestinians, marking it as an act of religion. This shameful act is a means to an end for Israel; they aim to fulfil the goals of Zion, creating a state extending from the Nile River to the Euphrates River. These areas are currently inhabited: Egyptians on the Nile, Iraq on the Euphrates, and other countries in between. Zionism is purely a colonialist project based on the conquest and oppression of the people on these lands. The linking of these concepts, the blood-raging war and religion, is the cornerstone of the Israeli dialogue. This pretence makes any attack on Israel perceived as direct antisemitism. This lie is nothing but a weak attempt to discourage criticism of the Israeli government’s actions. This is the same government that orders its soldiers to march into mosques and churches and disturb the peace—invoking a system of apartheid among the land. 

Children under the age of 18 have been sanctioned jail time and violence. Abdallah Obaid (aged 15) has been jailed for 2 months under no charge. Mahmoud Burqan (aged 13) was detained and beaten for riding his bike in Jerusalem. Mahmoud Abulhawa (aged 16) was shot with a rubber bullet in his mouth (which knocked out all his teeth), and Saeed Odeh (aged 16) was shot dead in Nablus. When asked about the issues, the Israeli Ambassador responded with, “first of all, 15-year-olds are not children”. Imagine the backlash of an Arab military force throwing stun and sound grenades into a synagogue. 

One of the highly debated topics regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue in the Middle East is the lack of peace in the region. The attempt to find peace in a country where citizens are continuously terrorized and abused is futile. This oppression continues while maintaining Palestinians in a state of constant fear so that the ‘enemy doesn’t have time to think about doing anything’. The ethnic cleansing occurring in Palestine is not a religious issue; it is a humanitarian issue. 

Their voices have been masked with false accusations; it is our time to channel their voices.

Could there ever be a peaceful resolution to this conflict?

Write your thoughts in the comment section below

If you want to learn more about the origins and history of the Israel-Palestine conflict we recommend a great video made by our colleagues at Vox a couple of years ago:

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  1. bananajjar May 14, 2021

    Funny, coming from a scared pathetic Zionist, to call Palestinians cowards, when you chose to remain anonymous.

  2. bananajjar May 14, 2021

    Zionists are not in “underground bunkers”. We’ve seen your bomb shelters, they look better than 5 star hotels. So please, spare us your pathetic attempt of gaining sympathy. Children in Gaza sit in one room with their families and friends so that they all die together without having to mourn each other’s deaths. Now, tell me how you even have the audacity to dare compare this to THAT.

  3. zeinashaddadin May 14, 2021

    Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-semitism. When the Zionists first entered the land of Palestine, they attacked Palestinians of ALL religions; including the Jews.

  4. jehad_touqan May 14, 2021

    The Israeli army has bombed residential areas repeatedly in an attempt to wipe out all Palestinians in the area. Just last night, about 50-100 bombs went off in the Gaza strip in just half an hour, which is a city with one of the most dense populations in Palestine. They also have no army and no way of properly defending themselves. While Palestinians are living with the reality that they can lose a loved one within any given second for the past decades, Israel continues to play the victim and hide in their fancy hotel bomb shelters while Palestinians only have rocks to throw.

  5. ihaar20 May 14, 2021

    The Palestinian article said they would hide behind anti-Semitism and they did. Shocking!

  6. taleen_shokeh May 14, 2021

    Referring to the OCCUPATION of Palestinian land as “a site of Jewish pilgrimage for centuries” makes me sick, and only proves how oblivious you are. Food for thought; just because you’ve occupied lands of a country for so long, that doesn’t make you ‘the owner’ of this land, nor does it make it your home. Think about life on this land before you attacked it and kicked innocent people off their land before you give us any more information on how “Israel” is yours.

    What the Israeli POV lacks, is the full truth to the story (with the full timeline in mind), so please Mr. Anonymous, I do encourage you to look into and actually research this issue before sharing your POV one more time. Don’t forget to mention the most important pieces, and show the World how this all started. Also, thought I’d share some advice and urge you not to use statements like “Only in retaliation to these rockets do Israel locate and target the Hamas military leaders behind these attacks.” and “Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Hamas” because this is simply known as complete bullshit, and false information…

  7. sara.ghanameh May 14, 2021

    While I have come across a lot of utter nonsense from Israeli supporters in regards to their excuses for the education of violence, this one is by far one of the most ridiculous. ‘Not paying rent for 50 years’. I want to begin by asking where, exactly, did you get this information from? My second question is where have you seen this in New York or London? Because I and the rest of the world have for certain never come across murder and invasion as punishment for not paying rent (which is a lie in itself).

    Also, Mr.anonymous, before discussing causality statistics I urge you to simple google since you clearly have a phone – maybe make use of it and educate yourself instead of spread lies. This is one of those situations where reading your perspective gave me a good laugh for the night.

    ‘ Yet, the world harasses the Israeli government for locating and killing those responsible because Hamas leaders are hiding in hospitals and schools and actively putting civilians in the firing lines. Furthermore, announcements are made by the IDF (Israel defence force) before sending in missiles to destroy weapons and terrorists to warn Palestinian civilians to vacate the area and protect their lives.’

    Your defense mechanism of claiming – falsely, of course – that Hammas leaders ‘hide’ in schools and hospitals to defend the murder of children and innocent Palestinians is the greatest indication of your knowledge and intention. Sending in a warning, for a couple of minutes, before throwing out a missile into a population and killing tens and hundreds of civilians does not and never will excuse that action. I find it quite ironic that the only defense you had for that was that ‘they send out a warning’. How would you feel if I ‘sent out a warning’ to you right now telling you that you have an hour to evacuate your building? Oh, and btw, the missile is so strong it’ll probably kill the people around that area too. Is my bombing thus justified? Are you thinking ‘oh, thanks for the warning!’ ? Please, Mr. Anonymous. Even you know you sound ridiculous.

    Regardless, thank you for the comedic episode that was your POV! 🙂

  8. youssef0fahmy1 May 14, 2021

    Reflecting on the Israeli point of view, I would like to clarify the following points to ask the Israeli author:

    1. “the majority of the world led by celebrities and big names, are tripping over each other to condemn Israel”
    I believe you mean celebrities and humanitarians including the Human Rights Watch together with celebrities that are known to stand with the oppressed in different global issues. However, if the Israeli Author means by “big names” media and social media platforms, then if you skim through all recent headlines (BBC, CNN …….), or checkout the amount of bans Facebook has put on posts or Instagram’s manipulated reach. If Palestinians voice have made it outside the middle east, it is because what they are saying is the logical truth.

    2. “A quick history lesson” “In 1875, the Jewish community purchased the tomb and the surrounding land establishing the community of Nachalat Shimon…..”
    To that I would like to clarify:
    a) The neighborhood is in East Jerusalem, meaning that according to the Oslo accord (UN), Israel does not have any power on it, it is illegally occupied in the first place. This is enough to end the Israeli author’s argument.
    b) The families in Sheikh Jarrah were obliged to go to the occupiers’ courts for them to prove these are their houses, doesn’t seem fair right?
    c) Jordan built the houses for Palestinians after the first exodus of 1948 for homeless villagers, it is not Israel who should be paid rent to.
    d)The Sheikh Jarrah families were able to prove that in Israeli court using both ancient Ottoman documents provided by Turkey and documents provided by Jordan (the builders of the houses) in 1976, but were overruled by Zionist courts
    e) The Israeli author needs to ask himself the following question, since 1948, why didn’t the government take the houses from Palestinian if they were Israeli in the first place?
    D) Finally, and to completely demolish the Israeli author’s argument, if you are to claim land you owned in 1875, why not let the Palestinians claim their entire land prior to the “Nakba” of 1948 were Zionist militias and gangs were hunting down peaceful villagers????
    F) Please refer to the famous Muna Elkurd’s video (owner of one of the houses), where she confronts “Yacuub” an illegal Israeli settler, who went to take her house. In her backyard she confronts him “Yacuub, you know this is not your house, this is my house”, to which he replies, “I KNOW THAT, BUT IF I DON” T TAKE IT, SOMEONE ELSE WILL ANYWAYS”

    3. “In the past few days, thousands of rockets have been aimed at populated civilian areas in Israel with the hope of spilling as much Jewish blood as possible”
    Just to keep the timeline aligned, the Israeli author forgot to mention that Israel bombed a residential building in Gaza first.

    4. “Ironically, straight after the election, Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Hamas called…….”
    Can go on forever on this, but we are not here to discuss Palestinian INTERNAL politics. I can just demolish the Israeli author’s argument by stressing on the fact that “Mahmoud Abbas”, is the lawful Chairman of the PLO, President of Palestine in the West Bank (The rival of Hamas). You got your facts wrong mate! How can you give a quick history lesson without knowing the present *facepalm*

    5. “if it were not for the iron dome defense system, hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians would have been murdered”.
    Not here to defend Hamas, but I think it’s common knowledge that Israel has the iron dome, the exaggerated number of basic rockets fired is known to be eliminated by 90%. The rest killed 7 innocent civilians, as opposed to the Israeli White phosphorus shell missiles that melted-down children’s flesh and bones. If you are truly not after civilians why use illegal weaponry?

    6. I would like to clarify that generally, I am not a Hamas supporter, I believe Palestine’s political power needs to be united. But I am sure Hamas is the aftermath of continuous oppression and ethnic cleansing since 1948, with people being stuck in an isolated City (Gaza) with no right to vote and limited access to water and electricity. It is basically an open-air prison.

    7. the Israeli author’s obsession with Hamas and portraying it as being the only target for Israeli military hostility is completely absurd and unfounded in historical or present facts due to the following reasons:
    a) Through social media we have been witnessing the explicit violence and lynching of Palestinians in towns such as Lod, Haifa, Acre and other towns in the West Bank where the Hamas argument simply doesn’t hold since the victims here have all been civilians.
    b) The whole fallacious basis of your argument which revolves around Israel only targeting Hamas while attempting to spare civilians is simply rotten with misinformation since such an argument would mean that Israel never attacked Arabs before the formation of Hamas in 1988. Of course, this not true since massacres such as the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948 along with countless others predate the formation of Hamas by many years.

    8. Would really like to know the Israeli author’s thoughts on Israeli plans of co-existence, with 80% percent of the Palestinian population being banned from visiting their homeland and the rest being dispersed on both ends of the land with the mosques being stormed every year. Would really appreciate to know what “fair solution” Israel has got planned for us, if the Israeli author is really asking for peace he is obliged to come up with something logical as Israel has started all of this.

  9. MichaelCollins May 15, 2021

    It’s the final solution except this time it’s being done with British Smart bombs and weaponry against poor stone growing kids.

    Israel wants their land, inciting a fight is there game. Poor Palestinian never understood that.

    Last chapter of apartheid before the genocide truly begins. How sad.

  10. alex_jamal May 16, 2021

    In response to ‘announcements are made by the IDF (Israel defence force) before sending in missiles to destroy weapons and terrorists to warn Palestinian civilians to vacate the area and protect their lives’. The IDF themselves are using missiles and weapons to destroy the lives of Palestinians, they are the perfect example of a terrorist organization. Making it seem like protecting the lives of Palestinians is part of the IDF’s agenda is not a valid argument to try to convince people to side with Israel.

  11. hummza_khan May 17, 2021

    The Israeli perspective by anonymous is factually incorrect and full of inconsistencies, for a more detailed counter to this narrative please read youssefofahmy1’s comment. You’ve also made reference to “hamas hiding behind civilians” and then gone on to openly admit that Israel targets schools and hospitals in an attempt to kill those responsible. Firstly any humanitarian would find it completely incomprehensible that in ANY circumstances a country would attack hospitals and schools, in an attempt to “kill those responsible”. Secondly we know this is not true or correct in any shape or form. As you can see from the link below an article by Forbes, with statistics collated by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs, this details the injuries/deaths to civilians on both sides.
    The toll is far greater on the Palestinian side and the response from Israel is completely disproportionate to what you claim is an attempt to get rid of Hamas. Let me also help you define what a civilian means for you to fully understand whether Hamas is being successfully targets or in fact innocent children and medical staff. A civilian is a non combatant, someone that is not part of an army or armed forces. Let me reiterate once again, there is absolutely no justification to attack schools or hospitals.


    You’ve also made reference to Hamas wanting to wipe out the entirety of Jews. Whether this is what Hamas wants or not has nothing to do with the Palestinian people, all they have asked for and want are their rights and freedom. The Palestinian people do not have right to land, they do not have right to residency, they do not have right to healthcare. Please stop this nonsense and poorly constructed narrative and look at the level of discrimination built into Israel’s legislation.


    I’ve included links from credible sources. I’d encourage anyone reading the comments to ensure they do their own due diligence and look at content provided by reliable humanitarian groups & also challenge by looking at statistics.

    I have also included a link to a short clip by an interviewer called Abby Martin, who has interviewed Israeli citizens on the Palestine/Israel situation.


    This will make it clear who’s the oppressed and who is the oppressor.

  12. jrhodes May 18, 2021

    College/Uni level of writing (both correspondents) but refreshing to see a publication try to present both sides of a divisive topic. Hope to see improvement in the quality of journalism as the publication itself grows as this concept is tonally bang on for the present day.

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