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Robert Jenrick


  • Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration) (from 25 Oct 2022)


Constituency: Newark


Public Popularity

Source: https://yougov.co.uk/

In-party Net Satisfaction

Source: ConservativeHome survey of party members, January 2021


Wolverhampton Grammar School

History at St John’s College, Cambridge

Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania 

Political Positions: 

Voted Remain in the EU Referendum
He backed the party-line throughout the Brexit process, and backed Boris Johnson in 2019, subsequently being rewarded with a Cabinet role.
He is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel

Current projects:

  • No current projects

Past projects:

  • 95% mortgage scheme launches which allows first time buyers to secure a mortgage with a 5% deposit
  • A 5-point plan to being an end to unsafe cladding with multi-billion pound intervention to support confidence in the housing market
Robert Jenrick has hardly ever rebelled against their party in the current parlament
19 May 2021
On 19 May 2021:
Robert Jenrick voted yes on Queen's Speech (Motion for an Address)