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Gavin Williamson



Constituency: South Staffordshire


Public Popularity

Source: https://yougov.co.uk/

In-party Net Satisfaction

Source: ConservativeHome survey of party members, January 2021


Raincliffe School

University of Bradford


Political Positions: 

Voted Remain in the EU Referendum
Backed Theresa May for the Conservative Leadership 
Expressed views for scrapping the Human Rights Act 1998
Former Education Secretary until Autumn 2021 when he was replaced by Nadhim Zahawi

Current projects:

  • No current projects

Past projects:

  • Given the task of managing the exam process for students who had not been in school during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Created an Ofqual algorithm to attempt to allocate grades and prevent grade inflation
Gavin Williamson has hardly ever rebelled against their party in the current parlament
19 May 2021
On 19 May 2021:
Gavin Williamson voted yes on Queen's Speech (Motion for an Address)