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About Us

Our Founders

The London Centrist founders, Max, Orlando, Nikita and Lev have grown up in Africa, Asia and Europe with exposure to a diversity of cultures, environments and and political systems. In creating The London Centrist they are driven to deliver balanced, factual news written by students, inviting opinion, encouraging debate, and exploring all aspects of what is happening in the world today.

Our Editors

Grace Sale


I study English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. In an age where you cannot consistently depend on online news sources to be balanced and transparent, it is refreshing to work with The London Centrist in providing reliable, honest and diverse articles to our readers. Whatever your political stance, we aim to report on stories from all angles, and for me, this is the aspect I love most about the newspaper.

Charlie Sellers

Political Editor​

My name is Charles Sellers, and I am a History and Politics student at Edinburgh University. My primary interests are UK, US politics and supranational organisations. The Pandemic has highlighted the importance of a neutral and effective scrutinising press. The transition towards partisan journalism, as we have seen in the United States, is not solely an American phenomenon. At the London Centrist I hope to be able to provide unbiased and independent journalism and hold all politicians and institutions to account.

Our Writers

Molly Jacques


I’m Molly, I am studying Anthropology at Durham University. My interests include the environment, feminism and shining and educational light on issues in society that aren’t often frontpage news. With so much being brought to the surface on social media we have a responsibility, as young people, to try to engage in as much as we possibly can. As B.B. King once said, “the beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”.

Zac Donovan


Hello, my name is Zac Donovan and I am a political writer for the London Centrist. I’m currently studying Politics with Quantitive Methods at the University of Edinburgh. The interest that I have developed over recent years is US politics as I’m fascinated by the history and complexity of the system. I’ve previously done work experience at a handful of media companies such as ITV and Global London. I consider myself a political centrist, which works well with the ethos of the newspaper.

Charlie Bradbury


Hi, I’m Charlie Bradbury and I’m coming to the end of my 1st year at Durham University. Academically, I’m reading History and have a particular interest in the processes and legacies of colonialism, which has lent itself to my articles so far on British and Asian politics. Other than that, I’m into my sport, art and music.

Honor Cockcroft


I am a freelance journalist training at News Associates for my degree and NCTJ diploma. With a particular interest in American politics, I enjoy creating news pieces and features on a range of topics including politics, business, environment and social justice. The London Centrist is so great to write for, as they dedicate themselves to providing a space for upcoming journalists to hone their writing skills, whilst simultaneously producing news people are available to read with just one click. 

Elizabeth Wisbey


I’m Elizabeth Wisbey and I am a student studying Politics at Durham University. I hope to go into journalism or public relations and have always been interested in current affairs, but recently this has gone beyond discussions with friends and family. My articles at the London Centrist focus on international politics Asia and Africa, events often missed by front pages. The British news is Eurocentric, and in my eyes balanced international news is so crucial to help understand different cultures and political systems. When I’m not worrying about deadlines, fitness is a big part of my life. Since May 2020, I’ve run a fitness page on Instagram exploring workouts, cooking and eating disorder advice.

Zanna McMahon


I’m Zanna McMahon, and I write for the culture section of the London Centrist. I currently attend the University of Edinburgh, where I study English literature alongside modules in other cultural and social studies such as cinema, queer studies and philosophy. Writing for the culture section enables me to discuss a broad variety of topics that interest me in relation to contemporary social and political issues. Being a pivotal aspect of our everyday lives, culture in its various forms is an immensely valuable part of my life, and it’s a joy to write about.