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About Us

Our Founders

The London Centrist founders, Max, Orlando, Nikita and Lev have grown up in Africa, Asia and Europe with exposure to a diversity of cultures, environments and and political systems. In creating The London Centrist they are driven to deliver balanced, factual news inviting opinion, encouraging debate, and exploring all aspects of what is happening in the world today.

Our Editors and Managers

Grace Sale


Grace is the Editor of the London Centrist, responsible primarily for editing the newspaper’s publications. She reads English Literature at the University of Edinburgh.

Patrick De Courcy Ling


Patrick is the London Centrist’s Co-Editor, responsible for collating and editing content. He writes primarily on British politics. He is a student at Durham University, studying Philosophy and Politics.

Joseph Lee

Operations Manager

Joseph Lee is The London Centrist’s Operations Manager, responsible for overseeing the newspaper’s relationship with its contributors. He writes on British and world politics, travel and culture. Joseph attended the University of Cambridge, where he received the Eileen Power Prize and the Russell Gurney Scholarship for his writing and research.

Our Writers

Zac Donovan


Zac is a columnist at The London Centrist, and focuses on UK and Global politics.

Alex Senior


Alex is a columnist at The London Centrist and focuses on the global economy – the politics, corruption, conflict and financial crime within it, and how such issues are often exacerbated in the developing world by richer states.

Elizabeth Wisbey


Elizabeth is a columnist at The London Centrist. She focuses on international relations and aims to provoke a thoughtful response from her readers.

Charlie Bradbury


Charlie is a columnist at The London Centrist. His main interest within historical journalism lies with the processes and legacies of colonialism.

Andre Quispe


Andre is a columnist at The London Centrist and attends the University of Navarra, reading Philosophy and Journalism. His writing places emphasis on fact, and encourages the newspaper’s readers to consistently challenge what they read.

Ewan Murphy


Ewan is a columnist at The London Centrist and comments on global affairs.

If you are interested in joining The London Centrist team, please email [email protected] for more information